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Party Games and Fun

Fun and GamesGood children's parties need games - whether you organise them yourself or you have a good Entertainer to do this for you.

Children love to run about and have fun, and games are a way to do this in a controlled manner.

The children will respond to being organised. - Believe me!!

Plan more games than you expect to play.

Small children should never be out!! They should just play games and have fun - everyone should get some sort of prize - big or small - they love winning something.

Best Dancer

This is a good way to start off the games - it gets the children moving and it's such fun to see them all trying to get your attention with their dance moves!! Suitable for all age groups.

Musical bumps

We all know how to play this very popular game and so will the children - BUT I play it a bit different.

Nobody is out.

When the music stops the quickest one to sit down wins a prize - each time they sit down they have to do something else.

Sit down with arms and legs crossed the quickest wins.

Sit down with the biggest smile - quickest wins etc. You can include all sorts of things with this game, Pull an Ugly face, Stick fingers in ears, Arms up, Arms out etc. The children love it and it's very funny to watch all the funny faces etc. Suitable for all age groups

Musical Statues

This can be played straight on from Musical Bumps - instead of sitting they have to stand - some of them will forget and it's very funny when they sit down.

Again they can be different shapes when the music stops - stand like a tree, like a monster, dog, etc. use your imagination. Suitable for all age groups

What's the Time Mr Wolfe ?

Someone is picked to be the Wolfe and stands at the end of the room/hall. The other children stand at the other end and shout out 'What's the Time Mrs Wolfe?' Mr Wolfe says a time - and they take steps according to the time i.e. one step for one o'clock, two for two o'clock etc. When the children are near, the Wolfe says Dinner Time and the children have to run back and sit down on the floor before the Wolfe catches them. If you get caught you are the next Wolfe. This game is loved by the children, they love to run and scream. This games has to be supervised carefully just in case they fall when running- you also have to make sure smaller children are not in the way of the running children!! Suitable for all age groups with supervision.

The Farmers in The Den/ Princess in castle/Pirate in his ship etc.

Farmers in the DenThis is a choosing game. The children stand in a circle holding hands. The Birthday Child stands in the middle of the circle, the children sing 'The Farmers in his Den' (You can also change it to be Princess in Castle etc.) They then sing - Farmer wants a Wife - and they have to choose Wife, Child, Nurse,Dog, and eventually bone for the dog. The children love to be able to choose their friends to go into the circle with them. Suitable for all age Groups.

Duck Duck Goose

The children sit down in a circle. One child walks around the outside of the circle and touches each head and says 'Duck' 'Duck' on one of he heads he has to say 'Goose' he then will run away from the person he said 'Goose' to and that person chases him and tries to catch him before he sits down in that persons place. If he gets caught he has to sit in the middle of the circle. Again, a game the children know, and they love to play. It is quite controlled because they are sitting down waiting for their turn. Again caution with small children around. Suitable for 5 years and upwards

Sleeping Lions

Great game to calm them down - just get them to lie on the floor and close their eyes - they will do it. Talk quietly to them about keeping eyes closed do not open etc. person to stay still the longest wins - but give them all a sweet. Good game to finish with.

Remember no one should go home a loser. A party is for Fun!! Have Lots!!